Yesterday, I thought I had lost 30,000 words.

When you make up stories for a living, you need to constantly back up your work. Sometimes, you get stupid and label two files the exact same name (that was me). Also, sometimes, you accidentally replace the actual working draft with some blank file of the same name like a damn noob (also, me).

Luckily, I remembered to renew my subscription to Backblaze and was able to get my actual working draft from the backup and peace has been restored to the kingdom.

Look, it worked out for me this time, but it hasn’t in the past. I learned the hard way (I lost the first novel I ever wrote due to a faulty laptop battery and hard drive malfunction) that must have system to backup your work, and it must have redundancies.

I save my working draft on Dropbox which also saves it to the hard drive, and my computer regularly backs itself up to Backblaze.

I pay for both, because I need both. Sometimes, I act like a noob and ruin the files on my hard drive and in my Dropbox. It isn’t often, but when it is 30,000 words of your work, often isn’t the issue. If I didn’t have Backblaze, I’d be out a month’s worth of hard work.

Moral of the story – back up your work! Do it in three different places!

You can find a list of all the paid tools I recommend on the Tools page.

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