Download this DIY Children’s Book Printable. It comes with a vertical and horizontal book template that you can use to create children’s books at home with your kids, partner, dog, whomever!

This download comes with two versions of the DIY book map: vertical and horizontal.

I highly recommend printing these or uploading them into an app on you iPad such as Goodnotes, so you can write directly on them like I did with mine:

The DIY map invites you to work with a collaborator or work as both author and illustrator.

Each page of this booklet corresponds with the 32-page book map which I will also include in this download.

Let your imagination run wild! Draw stick figures or epic masterpieces to illustrate your book.

You can find some example of the DIY booklet pages after the 32-page book map. You will find the vertical and horizontal versions of the DIY booklet included in the zip file labeled VERTICAL DIY BOOK MAP and HORIZONTAL DIY BOOK MAP.

PLEASE NOTE – Both the horizontal and vertical diy book maps are meant to be printed doubled-sided.

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