From my personal log.

Hello. This is Barbara.

In times like these, it’s a little hard to stick to a writing schedule, blog calendar and marketing plan.

I’ve been offline for the most part. Typically, I spend every waking moment planning a new book, course, marketing series, and so on. Lately, I’ve been sleeping, crying, and stewing for hours on end.

I plan to get it back this week. Get my schedule back. My writing and marketing mojo…

I keep thinking, though, that it’s insensitive to do that. I feel like I’m in mourning and have decided to go back to work before anyone else thinks I should.

Being busy helps me get through things, but do I have to be busy publicly? The short answer is yes. Yes, because my business is almost entirely online.

The longer answer is – Getting back to business as usual is not an option. Rather, it’s an option, but it isn’t…

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