Using the Character Interview exercise can get you out of your writing rut every time. Here’s how it works:

Imagine you are at a cafe interviewing your villain for an article on your blog. Tell them, they are the star of the show, so they need to give up as many details as possible.

I did this with my Little Bad in an upcoming Urban Fantasy series, and it influenced my writing in a big way. I had been stuck when it came to conflict and the Big/Little Bads in the book, but interviewing really helped me to understand their motivation.

As you can see from my example, this can be totally silly! It is just a fun way of playing with your characters and getting to know them.

Each character will yield different results. I have done this exercise and cried because of what I learned about my character – about why they are the way they are when I write them. The character I’m speaking of didn’t have a backstory, and this helped me to create one with layers and meaning.

These few questions can lead to more and more questions as you dig in.

Let go, and play pretend. See what happens.

The Character Interview Sheet invites you, the writer, to sit down with your Big Bad or Little Bad and find out what they are all about.

This download comes with one interview sheet to get you started with the exercise.

I highly recommend printing these or uploading them into an app on your iPad such as Goodnotes, so you can write directly on them.

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