The quick answer is YES, because when you’re a writer, you want everyone to want and need your books.

The real answer is a hard MAYBE. Let me explain –

If you are a diligent note-taker, you most likely finished the course with enough notes to make a cheatsheet for the next time you write a children’s book. In that case, you may not need it as it is the course in a simple to reference ebook form.

This is perfect for people who need a variety of ways to consume information in order to learn. Also, it’s great if you like to have a guide and references to the work you’re doing while you’re doing it (like me). If this sounds like you, you should consider buying the book.

Have you taken the HOW TO WRITE A CHILDREN’S BOOK course? Did you write a children’s book? I would love to hear about it! Please comment below and let me know how you’ve done! You can also review the course on Skillshare or Udemy to let your fellow writers know about your experience.

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