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Absolutely, yes!

Just this morning, I’ve written an article on HTML and a section of a lesbian, holiday, sweet romance! AND, I’M A PUBLISHED CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR!

I know it might be confusing for your friends and family, but if you’re a writer, you love writing. Writing takes all forms. Poetry, short stories, flash fiction, greeting cards, social media posts, epic quest novels, non-fiction pieces and more.

Writing in multiple genres keeps your favorite genre fresh and new. There is less burn out when you allow yourself to experiment and play.

Don’t get bogged down with what people will think if you suddenly decide to write a horror novel after you’ve written your first children’s book. Horror novelists can be parents, too. Romance novelists can also hold certification in web development languages.

People are more than one thing. As writers, we are the luckiest polymaths getting to explore all of our curiosities for the sake of the page. It’s magnificent.

So, write your heart out.

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