Hello, writing friends!

In 2020, I started this blog as an experiment. The question: Did my writing students want more info about writing?

The answer: YES!

This is excellent for me as I love writing about writing (so meta), and I love talking about and teaching writing.

I hatched an idea for a Writers’ Writing Camp. I built a site, made an Instagram account, and made a lot of plans.

Right before launching, I had a change of heart.

While I love this idea and this project, I did not want to start another business. So, I have decided to build the education and exploration of writing to my small press, Pilgrim Fowl Press.


By wrapping LEARN into my PILGRIM FOWL PRESS (PFP) business, I am opening up the door to so many more possibilities for the WRITERS’ WRITING CAMP which will now be an event hosted virtually by PFP.

You will still find my flagship courses on Skillshare and Udemy, and you can find new content added to these courses, new courses, lectures, live events like the Writer’s Writing Camp, and more as I continue to add to this new part of Pilgrim Fowl Press.

A note to Not Now. I’m Writing subscribers

If you subscribed to the Not Now. I’m Writing. newsletter, I’m sorry to say that newsletter doesn’t exist anymore.

I had typed a long newsletter to you all about the changes, and I was so happy to tell you that you wouldn’t have to resubscribe or anything. Then, boom! Somehow – as a former IT person, I genuinely do not know how – my newsletter account was deleted along with your contact details.

If you wish to continue to receive newsletters about LEARN, please visit learn.pilgrimfowlpress.com and join the mailing list. I’m sorry to have to ask you to sign up yet again. I know it is inconvenient. I appreciate you understanding and resubscribing.

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