You can write anything you want however you want. I use old standards like pens and paper, but I have also paid for and tested some tools that I would consider high-end. These are the paid tools that I am currently using and continue to see the value in their purchase.


Cloud storage that’s astonishingly easy and low-cost.

I recently, meaning five-minutes ago as I type this, replaced working draft in Scrivener with a fresh, meaning blank, Scrivener file. I don’t have to tell you how terrifying it is to lose 30,000 words. You’re a writer. You get it. But, I didn’t lose it. I was able to easily log into my account and retrieve the previous version of my file in a matter of minutes. I cannot recommend this automatic updating tool. If you are going to be writing novels and pouring your heart into a writing project, you need to build in redundancies.


Mission – Our mission is to design a more enlightened way of working

I am Mac person except when it comes to phones. I am Samsung Galaxy loving, Android enthusiast. I use Dropbox to share files between the two, and I use it to back up Scrivener and mobile photos. It is incredibly useful.


Position or Job Freewrite is brought to you by Astrohaus, a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and writers based in Detroit.

This is the coolest writing toy I’ve ever owned. The Freewrite combines the distraction-free environment of a typwriter and the paper-free aspect of a laptop. It has a digital ink screen. While you cannot browse the internet on it, you can turn on the WIFI to upload your manuscript to your dropbox and have it emailed to you! It’s magic. I love it so much that I’m doing an exclusive writing project with it that I will be blogging about in the near future. Get one! You’ll never have more fun writing.


Literature & Latte was founded in 2006 to answer such questions, and our award-winning software is now used by thousands of writers the world over. It’s helped turn napkins into novels, thoughts into theses and scribbles into screenplays.

Scrivener can do a lot of cool things, but the thing I use the most is the index card view where you can plot your story on digital index cards and drag them into the right order. Amazing!

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